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Harvard Business Review in an article by Ron Carucci, states that Self-Improvement Should be a Group Activity. I feel that it is better to develop one close relationship in this life than to try to save the world. In University I had a girlfriend who had more friends than I could shake a stick at. As we walked across campus to our classes, everyone would say hello to her. By contrast, I had a small group of close friends. And my friend admired me, and the strength of the bond I had with the handful of people who knew me and who I knew. The relationships were authentic, mutually supportive and deep.

The best way to get results, and in the shortest period of time is in a group setting…and this implies that the interaction will be in-person, one-on-one. Our group Custom Programs will provide you with the most in-depth and lasting experience.

These Programs can be designed for any group. A group of friends, a club, a social circle, a special interest group, or a company, just to name a few.

What are your goals, and your dreams? The idea here is to benefit from the synergy created in a group environment. If you are working towards achieving big goals with your group, then let us help you maximize the ability of your group to work as a cohesive team and create extraordinary results. We will use any number of tools to support you in your growth as a team… tools like games, exercises, coaching, acting, public speaking, meditation, yoga, leadership development, and Strategic Intervention techniques, to name a few. The tools we use will depend on our upfront assessment of your team members, and what we feel would best suit your group. We do a preliminary assessment of your individual and collective goals and dreams in advance of the group session. And from there, ormulate the plan for the group session.

Group sessions are either 4-hours or 8-hours. Weekend Retreats (Friday midday through Sunday midday) are being scheduled for October 2018 through April 2019. The venues for all Group Sessions and Retreats are in Carefree/Cave Creek, Arizona.

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